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Welcome to the Diamond Z ranch.  Home of Keia Morgans. We offer some of the best and quality Morgans in th nation. Our foundation Morgans are known for there conformation, gentlenes,  color and all around quality. We have two stallions Keia's Copper Mountain and Lone Dove Billy SRD.  We have a selection of horses for sale. Our specialty is breading family oriented horses that also do grate in performance classes. Driving is my personal pleasure, so most of our horsed are drivers as well as riding horses. Welcome to Keia Morgans, & Diamond Z Ranch Breading Quality Morgan Horses

We always like to show off our Morgans! If You get a chance, stop by and check us out, Feel free to do so. We can show you around.   Morgan horses as you would expect! We have a foundation herd of Morgan mares producing top Quality Colts! This is one of our stallions, Lone Dove Billie SRD # 130993. He is as nice a stud as you can find. Fish hooked neck and short coupled. His off springs are sharp looking, Calm and quick learners. We start them young and they grow with confidence and pride. Harness is our specialty. Come take a ride with us! You will enjoy every moment. Check out our three pages and and let us know what you think. E Mail us with your comments at Keiamorgans @ aol.com. (402)478-5522 or (402)533-8538 Address 13990 County Road 9 Arlington NE 68002 Thanks for stopping by!